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How often should you service a hot water system?

To ensure peak performance, have a licensed professional service your hot water system every three to five years. Maintaining regular service is essential for the efficient, safe, and reliable operation of your system over the years.

Benefits of Regular Hot Water System Servicing

  • Extends the lifespan of your system by checking for wear and tear
  • Minimises unexpected cold showers and reduces operational costs by maintaining system efficiency
  • Identifies and remedies small issues before they escalate into major problems
  • Guarantees safe operation and minimises the risk of hazardous conditions

What’s Checked During a Service?

A standard hot water system service by our licenced technicians includes the following:

  • Inspecting valves, pipes, and connections for leaks or corrosion
  • Testing the TPR valve, tempering valve, water pressure and temperature
  • Checking and cleaning filters
  • Inspecting ignition system and pilot light (for gas systems)
  • Replacing the sacrificial anode, a critical component, roughly every five years
  • Checking ventilation and flues
  • Inspecting the condition of insulation
  • Testing safety switches and alarms

Our services span Sydney’s hot water systems, including electric, gas, solar, heat pumps, and instantaneous units. call us today on 1300 349 338 to learn more or book your hot water system maintenance.

Why regular hot water system servicing is important

Having a licensed professional regularly service your household’s hot water system is imperative for its safe, efficient, and reliable operation in the long term. Key benefits include:

Improved Energy Efficiency

When your hot water unit is well-maintained through consistent servicing, it uses less energy, saving you money on utility bills. Consistent servicing keeps your water storage and heating components clean, ensuring they function at their best.

Extended Lifespan

Regular maintenance can prolong your hot water system’s lifespan by catching and resolving minor issues promptly. Replacing worn parts keeps everything working properly.

Enhanced Safety

Checking for potential gas leaks, faulty electrical connections, proper ventilation, and more safeguards your home. It also reduces the risks of dangerous situations like fires, explosions, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fewer Unexpected Breakdowns

Avoid cold showers and costly repairs with proactive maintenance of your hot water heaters. Preventative maintenance can lead to the early detection of minor problems before they result in hot water heater failure and out hot water inconveniences.

Don’t overlook the necessity of securing your comfort and safety, call us today 1300 to book a service. Book your water service today by calling 1300 349 338 to keep this essential appliance running reliably for years to come.

What should a hot water system service include?

Inspecting Components

All components of hot water tanks and connections are checked for leaks, corrosion, wear and tear. This includes valves, pipes, fittings, insulation, hot water tank, and electrical wiring.

Testing Water & Temperatures

Testing temperature and pressure relief ensures that the water heater maintains the right conditions for safe and comfortable use.

Replacing Consumable Parts

Commonly replaced parts like sacrificial anodes and pressure relief valves are checked and updated as needed. It’s advised to inspect TPR valves every six to 24 months and replace them approximately every five years.

Cleaning & Adjusting Settings

Technicians clean, adjust, and calibrate components such as tanks, filters, burners, and thermostats for peak performance.

Inspecting Gas Components & Venting

Maintenance includes thorough inspection of solar PV components such as collectors, inverters, and connections to guarantee functionality and safety.

Interested in learning more about hot water system maintenance?

Signs your hot water system needs servicing

There are several warning signs that may indicate your hot water system requires servicing by a professional plumber or electrician:

Inconsistent Water Temperature

If you notice fluctuations in hot water temperature, even when the tap hasn’t been adjusted, this could signify an issue like sediment buildup, faulty thermostats, failing heating elements or other problems.

Strange Noises

Odd rumbling, banging, or hissing noises from your gas heater can signal issues such as failing valves or corrosion that require immediate attention.

Discoloured Water

Rusty, cloudy, or dirty water indicates a problem. This kind of discoloration suggests there could be internal corrosion, sediment buildup or a failing sacrificial anode rod.


Leaks from valves, pipe connections, or tanks necessitate immediate action to prevent water damage, mould growth, or flooding.

Higher Energy Bills

A sudden spike in your gas or electricity bills may signify that your system has become inefficient and is costing more to heat water properly.

If you notice these symptoms, contact us for a professional assessment and prompt resolution of any issues. Call us on 1300 349 338 to book a hot water system inspection and get peace of mind knowing that any issues will be professionally diagnosed and repaired.

Which hot water systems need more frequent servicing?

Servicing frequency for your hot water system depends on the model and how often you use it. Here is an overview of which systems typically require more regular maintenance:

Solar Hot Water Systems

Due to their complexity, solar water heating appliances often benefit from annual check-ups to keep all components functioning properly. Annual checks for solar hot water systems should include collectors, pumps, valves, and fluid levels.

Gas Storage Tank Water Heaters

Gas hot water systems should have yearly inspections of gas lines, burners, flues, and ventilation. The pilot light and gas valves should also be checked seasonally.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems are more complex due to their moving parts and use of refrigerant gases. Servicing heat pumps every six months is advised for optimal efficiency.

Tankless/Instantaneous Systems

Annual servicing of tankless gas heaters is essential for checking and managing scale buildup. For your tank system, cleaning and descaling maintains proper hot water flows.

Check with the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific hot water system. Get tailored maintenance advice from our licensed plumbers by calling 1300 349 338.

Who should service your hot water system?

It is highly recommended that only a licensed plumber or qualified professional services your types hot water system. Our professionals can also offer tailored advice, considering their experience, skills and equipment to perform maintenance safely and correctly.

Why Choose a Professional?

DIY servicing of a hot water system comes with significant risks. Mishandling components or improperly venting hot water system flues can cause gas leaks, electric shocks, fires or even explosions in some cases.

Our skilled team can handle your hot water needs, providing expert servicing to ensure top-tier performance. Our professionals are proficient in various system types and can precisely identify any issues. They also have access to manufacturer information on maintenance procedures.

Contact a Local Professional

For professional hot water system servicing with your local experts in the Carlingford area, contact our team at Carlingford Plumbing on 1300 349 338 or jobs@carlingfordplumbingservices.com.au.

Our certified plumbers offer comprehensive maintenance for a vast array of water heating systems, ensuring peak condition. From repair to full replacement, we manage all aspects of heating system maintenance as needed. Need assistance? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for personalised service that can elevate the performance of your water unit.

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